To share Comertias’ member business experiences and to make the most of one of the main benefits of being a member, the entity organizes lunch sessions throughout the year for the main representatives (general managers, and/or chief executives) of its member companies.

Such lunches have two formats:

  • Business model presentation of Comertias’ member companies, focusing on their best procedures.
  • Talks given by opinion leaders or reference personalities from the political, social or economic world who present their opinions in connection with current affairs.


Exchange workshops are forums to exchange information and experiences among those in charge of functional areas of the business. Comertia builds such meetings for all different areas: Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Systems, Purchase departments, etc.

Exchange workshops take place from 9:30am to 11:30am and the topics of the sessions are prepared either from a specific business case of a Comertia business or from an interesting external experience.

BRE Comertia

Business Retail Comertia (BRE Comertia) is an expedition of Comertia retail entrepreneurs who want to discover, get to know and learn new formats and commercial concepts from benchmark countries.

This rapid immersion aims to obtain tools, strategies, ideas and oxygen to improve the competitiveness of their commercial companies. BRE Comertia combines touring shops with the best retail trends in leading cities, with meetings with local entrepreneurs to exchange experiences and learn first-hand about the impressions and decisions of retail innovation.


With the aim of “Sharing to Compete”, Comertia organises an annual Internal Retail Tour which consists of a visit to Comertia shops with the presence of the chain’s owner, who explains in first person the concept and positioning of the brand, customer experience at the point of sale, main challenges and future projection.

The aim is to share and learn about company strategies, receive opinions from outside the company from people who are also experts in the world of retail and share problems and solutions; in short, to learn from each other’s experience.


Comertia Retail Working Day is the reference conference that takes place in Barcelona during the month of November for those professionals from the retail industry.

It is an initiative that was designed with the objective to approach successful international retail cases to Comertia’s member companies and learn from new management formulas and global strategies.


Comertia acts as radar to capture the training needs of member companies. The entity organises workshops, seminars and specific courses for the different managerial and technical areas, in collaboration with schools, consultants and experts depending on the needs of the context of a very changing sector.

Comertia’s continuous training service is designed as a business campus with the mission of preserving and promoting the talent and leadership of the professionals who are part of the member companies.


The Retail Monographs are a new format of Comertia meetings that aim to take advantage of the potential, experience and knowledge among the associated companies. It consists of a debate around a theme, which will be shared first hand by its top leaders.


This format of meetings aims to encourage debate on the digital transformation of companies through the exchange of experiences in different digital areas: ecommerce, CRM, service providers, marketplaces, etc.