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What is Comertia?
Comertia is the Catalan Association of retail family business. It is an entity that brings together companies with renowned retail brands, potential growth and willingness to share information and experiences.

Comertia was incorporated in February 2002 by the initiative of five businessmen from different industries: textile, fashion, home, optics and sports and footwear. Comertia’s starting point is:

"Share to compete"

Comertia’s member companies have:
• A renowned brand in its industry
• Minimum of three points of sale
• More than 25 employees on the staff
• Vocation of continuity following the formula of family business
• Minimum annual turnover of EUR 3m€
• Eager to grow
Comertia represents a business model that goes beyond traditional trade, projecting, verticalizing its processes and implementing projects of internationalization.

• More than EUR 4,000m global turnover
• More than 105 commercial brands
• More than 35,000 employees
• More than 4,000 establishments
• Aggregate Investment: EUR 25m
• National and International expansion

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