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 Comertia Retail Management Collections

Comertia publishes the Management Comertia Retail Collection, a compilation of different books about topics that occur among Comertias’ members. (Copies only available in Catalan).

“Gestió a l’empresa familiar de comerç”

Compilation of several thoughts and experiences from people who are specialized on several topics and that may be of interest for all commercial companies. Published on December 2003, and second edition on January 2004.

Title: Gestió a l’empresa familiar de comerç
Year: 2003
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“Expansió a l’empresa familiar de comerç”

Experts in different management fields share their knowledge with the aim to contribute with relevant information and to provide guidelines to take strategic decisions for a business expansion. Published on December 2004

Title: Expansió a l’Empresa Familiar de Comerç
Year: 2004
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“Estratègies de xarxa: Recursos Humans”

Set of several points of view from HR professionals about different areas: training, recruitment, peoples’ management, wages and salaries and sale. Published on December 2005

Title: Estratègies de Xarxa: Recursos Humans
Year: 2005
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“Innovació en Retail”

Innovation as the optimization of the different processes, both internal and external, that are included in the retail industry with the aim to grow and become competitive. Published on December 2006

Title: Innovació en Retail
Year: 2006
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“Branding en Retail”

How to improve your brand positioning, its utility, current needs … and all approached from the point of view of retail businesses. Published on December 2007

Title: Branding en Retail
Year: 2007
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“Planificació Estratègica en Retail”

Planning is the fusion of the following concepts: prediction, coordination and viability. This book compiles their importance in order to optimize their implementation and achieve the highest return. Published on December 2008

Títol: Planificació Estratègica a l'Empresa de Retail
Year: 2008
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“Productivitat en Retail”

How to get the maximum return of our resources in order to gain both efficiency and competitiveness in the market place. Published on December 2009

Title: Productivitat en la cadena de valor de retail
Year: 2009
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“Històries d'Èxit en Retail: Com reinventar-se”

Compilation of 8 successful retail case studies from Catalan family Brands, written by their owners. Published on December 2010

Title: Com reinventar-se?
Year: 2010
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“Històries d'Èxit en Retail: Com Generar Oportunitats”

Compilation of 7 successful retail case studies from Catalan
family Brands, written by their owners. Published on December 2011

Title: Com generar oportunitats
Year: 2011
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“Històries d'Èxit en Retail: 10 Anys compartint per competir”

On the occasion of its 10th Anniversary, Comertia has compiled
all successful retail histories from its member companies in a unique book. Published on November 2012

Title: Històries d'Èxit en Retail: 10 Anys compartint per competir
Year: 2012 Preu: 40 € ( + IVA)
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“Històries d'Èxit en Retail: experiències d'internacionalització"

Compilation of 7 success stories in retail from Catalan family brands written by the respective owners of the chains. Published in November 2013.

Title: Històries d'Èxit en Retail, experiències d'internacionalització
Year: 2013
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“La nova era del retail”

This book contains a compilation of points of view from different areas of specialisation around 'the new era of retail' that help us reflect on how to innovate in trade, while faced with the constant and unstoppable evolution of the consumer.

Title: La nova era del retail
Year: 2014
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“Smart Retail”

Compilation of the vision of different experts on the main areas of specialisation that are inferred in Smart retail, to accompany you in the reflection of new paths and new opportunities to improve business and connection with customers.

Title: Smart Retail
Year: 2015
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

Retail i Economia Circular

It includes a study carried out by the consultancy Eco Intelligent Growth, specialized in identifying key elements for the transformation of companies and organizations into the circular economy based on the Cradle to Cradle principles. The objective of the study was to place Comertia within the framework of retail in Catalonia to understand the current potential of the sector and identify the challenges and opportunities of this transformation towards a circular economy.

Title: Retail i Economia Circular
Year: 2016
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

Un nou retail, explorant el camí

This new book deals with the publication of a study prepared by the consultant Hamilton Global, with the aim of obtaining an approximation of the macro trends that will persist in retail over a time horizon of 5-8 years. The objective of the study is to reflect on the exciting future of the retail business, to continue leading and seducing customers.

Title: Un nou retail, explorant el camí
Year: 2017
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

Retail i valors

It collects the publication of a study prepared by the consultant KISS Retail Management Consulting (Ebeltoft Group-Spain) with the aim of knowing companies with positions based on their values ​​as a factor of competitiveness. Reading this book reveals trends and areas (people, planet, social care, local community or ethics and transparency) that use retail brands to bring this business commitment to consumers. 

Title: Retail i valor
Year: 2018
Price: 15 € ( + IVA)

“Pack 16 Llibres Comertia”

Title: Pack 16 Comertia books
Price: 220 € ( + IVA)

- Retail Indicator

The specific aims are:

· A service to be offered to the Comertia partner.
· Provide real data of our sector.
· Become a trusted source of information within our sector.

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Internal Reports / Studies

· Credit card commissions
· Commercial locations prices
· Visual merchandising
· Industry remuneration report (RSR 2005, 2007, 2009)
· Studies about retail consumption trends
· Study about Comertias’ Brand awareness
· Types of Catalan trade structures
· Recommendation’s guide to family retail business continuity.
· Reinvention in Retail. Case Studies
· The best productivity practices in Retail
· Strategic planning guide to retail SME (small and medium-sized enterprises)

Comertia Annual Report

Comertias’ Annual Report compiles the annual activity of the association: exchange workshops, institutional meetings, reports, studies and publications, the Annual Retail Conference and other projects that have been carried out.

Annual report link (pdf format).

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